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W26-43 Wimshurst Electrostatic Generator signed, "Philip Harris LTD.", Early 1900. This Wimshurst Electrostatic Generator is signed, "Philip Harris LTD.", Early 1900. It has Clear plastic plates, 12 inch diameter, driven in counter rotating configuration by a pair of rubber tubing belts. Mechanical parts cast out of brass, grey metallic finish. Five metal sectors missing, over half are modern replacements. Glass Leyden jars coated with varnish for increased electrical insulation. Oak base 7 3/4 x 15 x 7/8 inches and the unit stands 17 inches high. Good overall mechanical and electrical condition. Early Wimshurst machines had important rolls in high voltage physics, such as, running x-ray tubes, and also in medical electrotherapy studies. Although reliable and easy to use, the Wimshurst had a short life span; followed by other devices such as the van de Graaff electrostatic machine. This unit is a snappy demonstration model!

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