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W26-20. 1925 Brownie No.2, Crystal Radio Receiver Built by Brownie Wireless Co. LTD of Great Britain. Complete with S.G. Brown type F 2000 ohm earphones and original cloth covered wire with tip jacks, Pat. 203121. The set has the standard U shaped inductor and an extra pancake coil. The cat's whisker and galena crystal detector are in the original glass enclosure. MW, swinging arm slide coil control for tuning, nickel plated hardware, black molded ebonite case and the overall unit are in fine condition, excepting a small chip on the left bottom edge of the case. The base of the unit is about 6"sq.. and the overall height is 8 in. This model was very popular in England in the early 20's and was supported by a number of accessories including valve type amplifiers and speakers to increase the volume for comfortable family listening. In 1925 England's receiving licenses nearly doubled in part because of the availability of little receivers like this No.2, Brownie. A fine example of historically important commercial and fun technology.

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