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W26-19. American Early 1900 Portable Bunnell Combination Telegraph Set with Barclay Box Sounding Relay And Steel Lever Key . This combination reduced the number of line and sounder batteries required for a telegraph setup and made the first successful sensitive easily portable telegraph station. Mr. Barclay a liberal contributor to the telegraph equipment world, surrounded a conventional sensitive line relay with a resonant box which acted like a snare drum amplifying the sound from the relay so that it could easily be read in noisy places. This invention eliminated the sounder and its batteries. These units were often used in temporary setups such as elections and conventions. This unit's overall dimensions are 5.5x9.5" with a table height of 3" for the sounding box. In very clean condition and bears the "J. H. Bunnell Co., N.Y." tag. Not many of these were made, highly sought after by collectors.

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